Health, Safety & Environmental policy


This Policy establishes and communicates the Company's policy concerning the protection of the health and safety of the Company's Employees and other persons affected by the Company's business activities and the prevention of environmental pollution with respect to the Company's business activities and operations.


  • The Company will comply with all applicable Laws and relevant industry standards of practice concerning protection of health and safety of its Employees in the work place and other persons affected by its business activities and the prevention of environmental pollution. Protection of health, safety, and the prevention of pollution to the environment is a primary objective of the Company and all Employees shall take such actions that are reasonable and necessary to achieve this Policy.
  • We will continuously evaluate the health, safety and environmental ("HSE") aspects of our power generation business.
  • All Employees of the Company will conduct their duties and responsibilities in a manner which is compatible with this Policy.
  • The Company believes that effective HSE management is good business. As in other areas of our business, the Company is committed to continual improvement of HSE management practices.
  • The Company will communicate and make available this Policy to its Employees, clients, contractors, suppliers, partners and customers and with the communities in which it operates in order to comply with this Policy.
  • We aspire to become the most conscious and responsible Company concerning Health, Safety and Environment in Power industry of Nigeria.
  • We declare the firm intention to implement and continuously improve the Integrated Management System in Health, Safety and Environment by analyzing and carrying out corrective and preventive actions and applying modern methods of management.
  • We shall meet the requirements of the Nigeria Legislation and Company requirements in the fields of Health, Safety and protection of the Environment using the systematic approach in the management of these fields.
  • We prevent accidents by planning our activities carefully, taking into consideration each Employee’s interests, operating and environmental conditions.
  • We systematically work at elimination or reduction of harmful industrial effects on our Employees’ and other people’s health.
  • We strive to improve our skills & knowledge in Safety and Environmental protection.
  • We participate in open and positive dialogue about the results and achievements of our work in Health, Safety Environmental area with all interested parties.

Our motto:

No work can be so urgent and important to execute without thinking about Safety The given Policy applies to all MESL employees, Contractors and Visitors.